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FADGI 4-star at 1200 dpi optical

Digitization at the Highest Quality Achievable Today

Instant Digitization with Live Preview and Quality Control

Speedy Cost Effective FADGI 19264 Quality Scanning

The Gold Standard for FADGI Compliance Testing

GoldenThread NXT Latest Generation FADGI 19264 Image Quality Analysis

We specialize in archival, reprographic and cultural heritage preservation quality Wide Format and Large Document Scanners for professionals that require FADGI quality scanning.  We carry a full line of Overhead Scanners for Standard and Oversize Materials and Book Scanners that exceed resolution and image quality of camera based systems costing far more.  Our markets include Archives, Museums, Government Agencies, Libraries, Historical Societies, Mapping (GIS), Facilities Management (FM), and Architectural / Engineering / Construction (AEC).